Tab-delimited file format

The output of consists of a single line containing the tab-separated names of fields, followed by one or more lines giving the corresponding field values.

Name Description
1 Kind Target (t), decoy (d), or recalibration decoy (r) PSM.
2 Scan The identifying number of each scan.
3 Charge The charge state for this PSM.
4 Peptide The peptide sequence.
5 Obs_Inserts Inferred number of insertions (observed noise peaks).
6 Theo_Deletes Inferred number of deletions (missing theoretical peaks).
7 Obs_peaks_scored Inferred number of non-inserted peaks.
8 Theo_peaks_used Inferred number of non-deleted theoretical peaks.
9 Sum_obs_intensities Sum of the inferred non-inserted peak intensities.
10 Sum_scored_mz_dist Sum of the absolute peak m/z distances from the DRIP Gaussian means used to score each non-inserted observed peak.
11 Charge Charge state of the PSM.
12 Flanking_nterm Amino acid preceding this peptide in the parent protein.
13 Flanking_cterm Amino acid following this peptide in the parent protein.
14 Protein_id String consisting of Kind followed by the number the protein appears in the target/decoy database
15 Var_mod_seq String the characters of which denote the type of variable mod applied to each of a PSM's amino acids (only output if variable mods are passed into dripDigest.). 0 denotes no variable mod, 1 denotes a variable mod (specified in mods-spec), 2 denotes an n-terminal variable mod (specified in nterm-peptide-mods-spec), and 3 denotes a c-terminal variable mod (specified in cterm-peptide-mods-spec).

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