Python library of PSM analysis tools. Given PSMs and MS2 spectra, supports modules for plotting DRIP PSMs' decoded Viterbi paths and generation of Lorikeet files for interative, in-browser analysis. Within the python interactive shell, supports instantation of PSMs, real-time Viterbi decoding of DRIP PSMs, and plotting of a DRIP PSM's decoded Viterbi path.


Example usage:

Step-by-step examples of usage are given here. In what follows, lines beginning with >>> are run within python's shell. To run the following examples, import the library in the python shell using

DRIP decode and plot PSMs

DRIP decode and plot high-res MS2 PSMs with variable mods

Generate Lorikeet files for general PSM file with variable mods

Generate Lorikeet files for stand-alone Percolator output

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